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“With all my heart, I recommend Ariel to anyone wishing to shift things to the next level. He is an alchemist of possibility, leading you down the perfect road to meet the next, most empowered and successful version of yourself. Once you’ve walked with Ariel, you’ll never want to turn back again.”

-Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and Ultimate Wellness Expert

“Working with Ariel is such a pleasure. He is knowledgeable, relatable, practical and accurate. One of my favorite experiences was having him perform a blessing in my home, it instantly changed the feeling in the room. I walked away from the consultation more aware, more empowered and with a clear blueprint of what to do. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to create change within their home and within themselves. Ariel is simply magic!”

-Lisa Oz, author, host of The Lisa Oz Show

“We cannot begin to say how OBSESSED we are with Ariel Joseph Towne!!  He Feng Shui’d both our NYC and LA offices several years ago and we saw a marked difference in our business almost immediately after Ariel “Shui’d” the spaces.  He helped us to let go of things that were no longer serving our business.  Everyone who we have referred Ariel to..their lives have literally changed almost instantly!  One girl got pregnant, another met her soul mate, another got engaged.  He’s magical and we cannot recommend him enough! ”

– Elissa & Jessica Kravetz, KRAVETZ PR

“You can trust Ariel to give you the most practical application of Feng Shui advice possible. He’s the only practitioner I refer to my clients and friends. In fact, he contributed to my next book ‘One Year to an Organized Life with Baby’ (due out February, 2011).”

-Regina Leeds, The Zen Organizer & NY Times Bestselling Author

“While I’m a big believer in manifesting goodness in life, I was somewhat skeptical, at first, of the idea that Feng Shui could make a significant difference. Was I in for a surprise?! Ariel’s work had a profound impact on the Studio. Incredibly talented actors were streaming in the door, actors began networking and getting projects sold and produced, and clients were actually booking more. The space began to feel like home. I am truly grateful for his work and his presence in my life.”

-Warner Loughlin, CEO Warner Loughlin Studios

I simply can not say enough great things about The Feng Shui Guy! I’m a screenwriter who hadn’t sold anything since I gave birth the year before, and two months after Ariel helped me Feng Shui my office, I sold my first pilot to a network, and two months after that, I sold a feature pitch to a major studio. My husband also sold several projects that fall, and we both generally felt more creative, productive, and empowered after Ariel’s small, but truly significant changes. We plan to work with him over and over again!

-Jordan Roter, author, screenwriter

“Ariel is a magic maker. Seriously!! He has a gift for seeing the imbalance, whether that be in your home or life, and can lovingly guide you to making the necessary shifts to restore that balance. I have experienced profound manifestations, in relationship, finances, and career from just one session with him. Win-win, for sure!”

-Julie Zipper, MindfulGal Meditations

“I have been friends with Ariel Joseph for over 15 years and think that he is an amazing person. If you are reading this, you are probably feeling like you are lacking something in your life. Believe me, Ariel Joseph can help.”

-Jacqueline Carroll, Chicago

“Last year, I learned from my gynecologist that I had cancerous cells and was sent to an oncologist. I shared this news with Ariel Joseph and he immediately wanted to help me. Together, we began a detox and healing. Ariel truly has a gift for listening, asking the right questions, and getting to the source of any negative energy that has been hiding out in your system. As hard and painful as it was to face the source of what ailed me, it was worth it for my new found peace. Ariel walked me through the acknowledgment and forgiveness of the things that were killing me internally. He also helped me learn a mantra for healing. I said this mantra 108 times a day for close to 40 days. The Cleanse, the Mantra, and Ariel Joseph’s life coaching miraculously restored my health. When I went back for another biopsy after 6 weeks, the oncologist could find nothing. I truly believe that Ariel helped me to heal myself. Together, we beat the cancer. I have no doubt that Ariel Joseph has a special gift to help people restore balance to their lives, whether it is internally with Life Coaching, or externally with Feng Shui.”

-Angela Montondo, Cocoa Beach Florida

“This guy is FANTASTIC!!! I am so glad to know and have worked with Ariel for the last 4 years. His insight and skill, his patience and confidence are an inspiration. My wife and I moved to LA for work and within 9 months found ourselves unemployed, close to broke and seriously on the verge of collapse. A good friend referred us to Ariel and we embraced the suggestions he brought to us, applying Feng Shui principles with a modern practical approach. Within 2 months I had not only got work, but well paying work . Well paying work that I WANTED to to get… and lots of it. My wife shifted her career focus and has been reaping the rewards ever since. Our time with Ariel was a real blessing during a difficult transition to a new city and marketplace. I cannot recommend him strongly enough as you consider incorporating Feng Shui into your space and life.”

-J Clarke, Los Angeles

“I came to Ariel with some skepticism. I’m was curious about feng shui, but not necessarily a “believer.” In fact, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to continue to live in my apartment, so why bother shui-ing it to begin with? Ariel quickly addressed my concerns and showed me that feng shui could have some direct, tangible results in my every day quality of life, even if my apartment was only a transitional living situation. Flash forward five moths later, I’m now moving into what very well may be my “dream” apartment. I can afford it and it is spacious and old and has great view of downtown and I love it. I can’t believe I get to live here. My professional life has also lurched forward. Strangely enough, these were two of the goals that Ariel and I talked about in our session. And now they’ve “manifested” themselves, which is weird and wonderful, and for which I am extraordinarily grateful. Thanks Ariel!”

-Alex S, actor/writer

“Working with Ariel was a dream come true. He helped to transform not only my apartment, but my life. I constantly have people telling me what a great “vibe” my apartment has, and that the energy of my home is wonderful. I am so grateful to Ariel for both his wisdom and caring in his life-coaching, and also for giving me the sublime gift of Feng Shui.”

-Sam R. (New York)

“Ariel is one of those rare guys who is extremely likable, great at what he does, an excellent listener, talented, (he is also an actor and writer) very spiritual…and yet super down to earth, with a love of sushi, cupcakes and football! And if this wasn’t enough he hails from the East Coast, so he gets extra points for his big city sensibility and understanding that not everyone out there is just willing to drink the Kool-aid without knowing what is in it. I am one of those prove-it-to-me- big-guy people and after meeting Ariel a year and a half ago, and having him do two Feng Shui treatments on my home and loving the results, I can now happily say…more Kool-Aid please!!”

-Gina Sorrel

“My home had been on the market for over eight months during what was a very challenging time for sellers. I met Ariel Joseph and was immediately impressed not only by his expertise in feng shui but also with his knowledge about life, the human spirit, and how we have relationships with our space. One week after our appointment, my house sold and closed in a seamless 60 day escrow. One month after our appointment, I found my new home in the most graceful way. Coincidence? I think not – it’s the Feng Shui Guy.”

-Christine Hassler – Author, Speaker, Life Coach

“My experience with Ariel was very eye-opening. His calm demeanor and sharp perception allowed him to quickly see where my home needed shifts. I gained the insight for how my home’s constraints reflected my inner constraints. Now I feel better about both myself and my home, rather than judging both. After our meeting, I implemented Ariel’s suggestions, and my career took a suddenly positive direction. I recommend Ariel to many of my friends.”

-Eric C, New York City

“Thank you! I owe a debt of gratitude to you for all your insight and knowledge you shared with me because I REALLY LISTENED and then incorporated those lessons into my life and things are AWESOME! Thank you! Your Karma Bank is full my friend and I hope you have had some pleasant withdrawals!”

-Melody Wilson, Cocoa Beach Florida

“Ariel taught me how to make myself into a powerful creature of transformation. He showed me how to completely transform myself and my life and how to intentionally create or bring about anything I wanted. Forget everything you think you know or what anyone has ever told you isn’t possible. Everything is possible and the world is a magical place. Goals I had forgotten about, long given up on, not even mentioning in our sessions, out of nowhere, answers came. Guides were manifested. And without even realizing what was happening, what once seemed like I had to kill myself in order to achieve, was and is still naturally and effortlessly unfolding before me. If you are searching for an amazing, life-changing journey, consider this your giant green arrow from the Universe.”

-Susan Rankus, Producer

“Ever since I met Ariel I started to reach my potential in EVERY area of my life. I know that’s a lot to say, but he did so much for me, I’m probably not saying enough. In the 8 months since I’ve met him, my life has changed dramatically in all areas- love, prosperity, happiness, ability to cope with every day life, you name it, it’s better, and in some instances, unbelievably better.”

-Bari Koral – The Bari Koral Family Band and star of the YogaPalooza TV Series on Veria

“When I met Ariel, I had just gone through a horrible breakup and was left feeling uncomfortable in my home. I felt so trapped. I could no longer afford to stay and pay my rent, but I couldn’t afford a move… so my only choice was to try to shift some things around with Ariel. We really focused on bringing in some career opportunities that would help me fund the changes I desperately needed. Within those six months of me changing my home around with Ariel, I started booking a ton of Voiceover jobs. One right after another, and the amount I made covered every single penny that I spent on Feng Shui. So, it changed my life completely. It made me love my home again. And didn’t cost me a penny.

It’s been over a year now and I have a new boyfriend who was literally made for me. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. And I stand by the fact that Ariel’s touch on my home started the change that I desperately needed in my life.”

-Rachel Cannon, Actress

“Thank you for your understanding and honoring of my efforts to create and live a conscious life….in all areas. You left with a truly beautiful closing ceremony….a cleansing and blessings from the heart. You dialed into my desires and gave me much to work with and towards. You made so much sense and the visions I was left with inspired quite a change in my space, and my sense of home. Feng shui “moves” me, and it will always play a crucial roll in my life. Your way of sharing and showing up also inspires me. ”

-Jamie Luner, Actress

“”Having grown up in a very religious community, I have always been cautious of all things guru. But when my career and my personal life were in the doldrums, I set my skepticism aside, and came to Ariel for advice. In the two years following our work together, not only have I noticed that my career and my personal affairs have improved significantly, but Ariel showed me key ways to become a proactive participant in my own life. I now have a self-reliant understanding that by rearranging my space with specific, conscious intent, I rehabilitate my wider perspective. Whether skeptic or true believer, Ariel will be an invaluable team mate in helping you realize the results you’re seeking.”

-Jeffrey Doornbos

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