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Special Event March 5th

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Spring Cleaning; Get rid of your inner and outer blocks…and call in your dreams!

(Live in LA or Via Livestream)

Christine Hassler and I are teaming up for the first time ever! Blending our unique styles and backgrounds in life coaching, wellness and feng shui to create incredibly powerful workshop.

Christine and I have been friends for years and supported each other in making our dreams come true . . . and now we want to share our best secrets and strategies with you so you can do the same!

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Learn the hidden forces at play in your home that may be blocking what you want to attract (like the stuff under your bed is a reason your bed is emptier than you’d like it to be!!) . . . and get take-home tips to change them immediately!
  • Identify old stories you’ve been carrying around that are keeping you stuck (like that belief formed in elementary school that may be preventing you from getting the grown-up job you want!!) . . . and reframe them in a way that creates more abundance in your life.
  • Get clear about the physical and non-physical clutter in your life that is taking up space in your life (like the conversation you’ve been putting off and the stack of papers on your desk!!) . . . and get a declutter program to make room for what you want. Read More…
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Living Simply By Annie

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Last year, I had an opportunity to have a conversation with Annie via her Living Simply questionnaire.

She asked me about my background, how I got into Feng Shui as well as what some common mistakes are that people make, and also three things everyone can do to easily improve the Feng Shui of their space.

Below is an excerpt, and you can read the full article on Annie’s site here.

You have worked with many different types of people from around the world. Is there one common mistake you see people make that’s “bad feng shui?”
I don’t believe in absolute good feng shui and bad feng shui. It is what it is. What might be right for you might not work for someone else. I do, however, believe that people’s own intuition can tell them if something is good or bad for them. I guess if I was going to sum up the principle that creates the most challenge for my clients it would be: hanging onto whatever is no longer serving their life now, today.

What are three things everyone can do to easily improve the feng shui of their space? Read More…

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Thanks to my friend Christine Hassler for mentioning The Feng Shui Guy in her beautiful and inspiring article on The Daily Love.

Check out the video below and read the full article!

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Life By Me – Reframing

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I recently had the pleasure of writing for the Life By Me site, and there is something so incredible about sharing our experiences with others.

We’re often so consumed by what we want as individuals that we forget the importance of being here for each other. Community connects us to something deeper than ourselves. There’s an undercurrent of win-win, because we’re all working together for the highest good of everyone.

Head over to the Life By Me site and check out my post on Reframing.

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