Serene Makeover: Inner Edition


Praise for Serene Makeover: Inner Edition:

“a delightful guide to the inner and outer workings of energies”
 Huffington Post

If I could, I would make this a must-read for all of my students. It’s truly inspiring. Even reading it makes one feel calmer.”
—Warner Loughlin, Celebrity Acting Coach, CEO Warner Loughlin Studios 

“Ariel keenly melds and cross-pollinates the gems and nuggets of many modalities into a cohesive “life checklist,” making it easy for readers to reap the benefits and change their lives.”
—Karen Rauch Carter, feng shui expert, author of the feng shui classic Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life

“The Feng Shui Guy offers solid advice for improving your life. This book is an invaluable and unique addition to the existing canon of feng shui literature.”
—Regina Leeds, The Zen Organizer,  Author of the NY Times bestselling One Year to an Organized Life series

“All true change comes from the inside. Ariel Joseph Towne has created an abundant resource for creating inner growth and change. Whether or not you perform feng shui in your home, you will benefit from these methods, empowering yourself to create balance for both yourself and your loved ones.”
—David Daniel Kennedy, feng shui expert, Author of Feng Shui for Dummies and The Feng Shui Home Study Course

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“Ariel Joseph Towne is the Wayne Dyer of our generation. He has a way of taking ancient spiritual principles and practices and making them both tangible and transformative for modern life. In this book, he makes a passionate case that we can have it all. Within the first few pages, I already felt moved to believe that for myself! Serene Makeover: Inner Edition is a practical blueprint for manifesting the life you have always wanted.”
—Julie Zipper, Licensed Agape practitioner, Author of Astro Zen and co-founder of Earth School

“It’s virtually impossible to follow Ariel’s wisdom and NOT have your life transformed for the better. Read this and start today!”
—Michelle Fiordaliso, MSW  Licensed psychotherapist,  Co-author of Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ex and 2008 recipient of a PEN USA award for fiction.

“I have had the pleasure of being one of Ariel’s clients, as well as co-creating a Shui-Meets-Yoga course with him. I can say from both sides ofthe coin that he is easily one of the most authentic, life-changing people I know; one whose improvement-wisdom extends the full spectrum from home to relationships, wealth, personal and career success and more. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to turbo-boost their lives to the next, most prosperous level, starting today.”
—Sadie Nardini yoga and ultimate wellness expert,
Host of “Rock Your Yoga” on Veria TV

“Our health and wellness are not only dictated by the flow of electrical signals within the body, but also the energy system of our environment. In Serene Makeover: Inner Edition, Feng Shui Your Life From the Inside Out, Ariel empowers us to change our outer world in order to transform our inner world. With his expert guidance, learn how easy it can be to remove what is blocking the flow of your life.”
—Randall Zamcheck CEO, Body Ecology, LLC

“Ariel has keen insight when it comes to cultivating balance and happiness in human beings. His strong innate intuition blends with down to earth wisdom, offering his readers sound and helpful tools for navigating with finesse the inner and outer life situations of this human experience.”
—Olivia Rosewood
Meditation expert, Author of Please Meditate: It’s Good for You and Happy Yoga:
7 Reasons Why There’s Nothing to Worry About (with Steve Ross)

Serene Makeover: Inner Edition, Feng Shui Your Life From the Inside Out helped bring me so much comfort and balance during my difficultdivorce. Whether you are going through a tough time and need some wisdom and support or just looking for some internal tuning, you will finish this book feeling energized. Ariel Joseph Towne helped me tap into my power from within. Thank you.”
—Jessica Denay Author of the Hot Mom’s Handbook series

“Ariel has taught me so much about balance. Balance in my home, my office and my own skin. After doing sessions with him, I met the love of my life and my company took a turn for greater success. I am so pleased he is sharing his guidance with everyone who is not as lucky as I am to have him on speed dial. As he mentions in his book, we define our own limitations. I am sure that the positive impact he will have with his first book is truly limitless.”
—Sophie Chiche Founder and curator,

“I keep reading and re-reading your book… And it continues to blow my mind. It always feeds my soul in exactly the area it needs attention. Amazing. Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you wrote it, and shared it.”
-Mads, Los Angeles

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