A note from Ariel (January 2017)

After 18 years… my Feng Shui and coaching businesses needed to undergo some MAJOR changes.

When I first fell in love with this work, my focus was primarily reaching as many people possible. I feel so fortunate to have followed a golden thread which lead me to meet thousands of clients, work with people all over the world and to culminate in having first a radio show (Sirius Radio), then appearing on major talk shows (Good Day LA and Dr Oz), design shows (Million Dollar Listing) and even selling several TV shows of my own (Syfy Channel, Veria.)

I was published on HuffPo, recorded an online course, wrote a book and took it on tour, taught hundreds of workshops and connected with thousands of people through social media. I have been interviewed for blogs and radio shows and podcasts and it all has flowed so naturally. I went where I was led. I am so grateful for every opportunity. For all of its twists and turns and adventures. And the challenges. The challenges which spur growth. My heart is full.

And now I am being led to go deeper.

MY BUSINESS (as of 03/20/17)

After 18 years of working with people on their inner and outer environments, I have come to observe that the most exciting, long lasting and transformative work occurs:

  1. When they have a clear vision of what they want (are working to achieve)
  2. When that person is committed to making lasting change.
  3. When I get to work with someone over an extended period of time.
  4. When there is a consistency to our sessions.
  5. When that person gets to address both their inner environment (Inner Feng Shui) as well as their outer space (living and work environments.
  6. When they are given the opportunity to ask follow up questions.
  7. When there is accountability to their actions.
  8. When people set (and keep) deadlines.
  9. When they have specific, clear list of changes to make.

To this end I will be offering the following packages:

PACKAGE ONE: The Breakthrough

  • Weekly phone or Skype consultations
  • Access to Healthy Home, Healthy You (Feng Shui insights to create a vibrant healthy home)
  • Access to 21 day new You course (Daily Feng Shui videos, Daily coaching videos, daily yoga and meditation with Sadie Nardini
  • A numerology reading on yourself and your space
  • A Feng Shui pattern to energize every corner of your home.
  • One Feng Shui crystal for each of the following areas: Bedroom, Office and Car
  • Suggestions on how to create a personalized altar (for your home, office or to take on the road!)
  • Weekly Q&A for inner and outer balance, harmony and flow
  • A Feng Shui map to understand the layout of your home, office, car etc.
  • Personalized Homework assignments
  • Creating a blueprint/roadmap of success for you to follow
  • Meditation and Mindfulness practices

PACKAGE TWO: Breakthrough and Beyond           

  • The same as above but includes (1) one half-day in person session per series, during which:
    • We can walk through your space
    • We can look at multiple properties (as long as they all fit within our timeframe)
    • We can do some meditation/visualizing
    • We can start to move things around/place some Feng Shui cures.
    • We can do a blessing/space clearing on your space

NOTE: If you don’t live in Los Angeles (or if you live in a city that I am not already booked to visit) you can still arrange an in person add on but there will be additional travel expenses.

Together we will work together to:

  • Get incredibly clear about the vision for the life they want to step into
  • Work to create actionable steps
  • Create a mindset that will allow this trajectory to unfold.
  • Create accountability over taking action on a consistent basis.
  • Build an awareness of both what is working and what isn’t working in their lives.
  • Work through their work environment, one area at a time.
  • Work through their living environment, one area at a time.
  • Work to increase awareness on their inner environment and how it is supporting or blocking their vision to unfold.

REMEMBER, this service is extremely limited.
If you would like to learn more about these package options, or if have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. If I am currently booked, we can add your name to the wait list for a future time.

I’m excited to see what our work together brings.

Much love and so much gratitude,

* (A 21-day program designed to jump start growth)
*Serene Makeover Inner Edition (the principles of Feng Shui applied to your inner house)
*Healthy Home, Healthy You (an exploration of environment through the lens of optimizing health and well-being)

Ariel Joseph Towne

FAQ: what is feng shui?

  • Feng Shui is both an art and science which is designed to help us bring our space into both balance and flow.
  • Feng Shui is one part ancient principles (through a simple and modern approach), two parts common sense and one part leap of faith.
  • Your own intentions are essential to the process. There is not one way to approach a space, which can sometimes be confusing and can also be inspiring.

when is a good time to feng shui my space?


Some people have the luxury of working on a space from the foundation up. This may include design, construction or working in a raw space.

  • This could mean moving into an empty building, floor or apartment.
  • It can also apply to grand openings, housewarmings or launches.
  • The earlier these principles can be considered, the less work it might create in the architecture/design stage, painting and construction or in the furniture placement stage.

Feeling Stuck

Some people are in a space so long that they become numb to their environment. It can sometimes be helpful to have an extra set of eyes to help you shake things up.

Times of Transition

  • Breakups
  • Birthdays
  • New Years
  • Change of seasons and
  • Before or after construction


  • Manifesting a new space
  • Deaths
  • Outgrowing your space

what can feng shui help me with?

Feng shui also helps support people through specific areas of their life, including:

  • Relationships (manifesting a partner, healing, more passion/sex)
  • Prosperity and Abundance (money drains, the two types of money challenges, upleveling your abundance)
  • Career (jump starting your stagnant work life, manifesting more clients, switching career tracks)
  • Health (insomnia, infertility, low energy)

about Ariel

A Feng Shui expert and life coach with an international client list, Ariel loves to take ancient principles and make them simple, relatable and playful. From struggling artists to A-list celebrities, individuals to large families, and start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Ariel’s clients have been able to achieve their dreams with his support and dedication.  Stagnant spaces in clients’ homes and minds are transformed into positive, intentional spaces. And people’s greatest visions of their lives are given energy and encouraged to unfold. Ariel is the author of Serene Makeover Inner Edition: Feng Shui Your Life from the Inside Out. He has also contributed to: The Road Trip Guide To Your Soul (Wiley & Sons), The Hot Mom-To-Be Handbook (HarperCollins), Beyond The Missionary (Penguin) and Regina Leeds’ newest book in the New York Times bestselling series One Year to an Organized Life (Da Capo). Ariel has created a CD called Healthy Home, Healthy You as well as 21 Day Total Transformation  (a personal transformation program being sold internationally with Sadie Nardini.) In 2010, Ariel sold a TV show based on his work called Force Of Nature to the SyFy network. He has also appeared on the shows A View From The Bay (ABC), Million Dollar Listing (Bravo), Platinum Babies (WE) and Rock Your Yoga (VeriaTV).Recently, Ariel was a guest on The Dr. Oz show, the Lisa Oz show and subsequently shot a pilot for a new series called Zen Tripping for Veria. Also in 2013, Ariel went on a feng shui tour called Abbondanza which allowed him to promote his new book and see clients across the United States. Ariel lives in Los Angeles with his wife in their fully shwayed-out apartment. Ariel is also very tall and loves guacamole.

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